Begin Your RoofTop Farming Journey with Fresh Factor

Your RoofTop Farm

Whether you want to transform a large open space or simply add some greenery to your balcony, we can design an urban farm just for you.

Expert Maintenance

Our dedicated team of farmers provide ongoing farm management and expert advice so that your garden has the best chance at flourishing.

Hands On Experience

Experience the joys of growing your own food through our variety of educational workshops.

Sustainability Goals

Urban farming reduces waste through shortening the distance food travels to get to your plate and recycles nutrients through composting.

Health & Well-Being

Growing organic vegetables with your own two hands is not only good for your body, it's great for your mind as well.


Smart Drip Irrigation System

Smart drip irrigation systems use advanced tecniques and technologies to conserve water while ensuring optimal plant growth.


Harvest Collection

By utilizing containers and vertical growing techniques, rooftop gardeners can maximize their yields, And enjoy the fruits with a bountiful harvest.


Impacts Of RoofTop Farming

Fresh Factor Team is working in Agri Last Mile delivery in Pakistan since 2019 and have extensive experience and knowledge in this sector We see a great opportunity in to convert Urban Heat Island in Green Cities and creating additional income for household. Fresh Factor is working to have social, environmental and economic impact in society via women participation, water conservation, improving air quality, and generating decent income for growers, while following the 2030 SDG goals.

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Urban Heat Island


UHI is caused by the absorption and retention of heat in materials such as concrete, asphalt, rooftops, and buildings. Green roofs reduce heat effects, clean oxygen, and help improve the environment.

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Urban Biodivrsity


Roof top gardening will combat biodiversity loss effectively, as it can create diverse green spaces, ecosystems, and habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species, while improving air quality and carbon sequestration.

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Food Insecurity


A major challenge in growing population especially in urban areas is dependency upon rural areas for supply of fresh vegetables and fruits; Roof top Garden will help to grow your own food

Our Projects



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Awards and Recigonition

Fresh Factor Team is working in Agri Last Mile delivery in Pakistan since 2019 and have extensive experience and knowledge in this sector


I've been growing my own herbs and vegetables on my rooftop for a few months now, and it's been such a rewarding experience.



I didn't think of having a garden in city, but rooftop gardening made it possible! Fresh Factor was so helpful in getting started.

Ali Aman


I was worried about the cost of setting a rooftop, but fresh factor provided great advice on how to do it on a budget.